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Bhuvaneswari, Bangalore
Make A will

Drafting a Will?

Can i specify an under construction property in the Will? The property will be delivered only after a year. But i want to register the Will now by bequeathing my properties to my son. Is that possible? ...Readmore

Rohit , Bangalore
Apartment Rental Agreement
Lease/Rental Agreements

Cost of rental agreement ?

What is the total cost of rental agreement including stamp paper for rental in Hebbal apartment and how much time to send ...Readmore

Jain, Patna
Commercial Property
Registration Assistance

Registration of property?

Hello, I want advice on property registration. I have flat of 900 super built up area in Patna which I want to sell for Rs 27 lakhs. A buyer has agreed and an agreement has been made accordingly. However as per valuation the value of a property of 90...Readmore

Ranjith, Banaskantha
Agreement of Sale

Property Fraud?

I purchased 3 non-NA plots from a seller on the condition that he will NA those plots in next 3 months. After 3 months, he started making reasons that the land has some problems. He asked us to wait for some time. Now Its been 7 years and he is givin...Readmore

Raju , Ananthapur
House Construction
Residential Property Management

construction issues?

we are living in an old house which was built many yrs ago( more then 40yrs).we have common walls with our neighbor.Now he is building his house in our area,always trying to prove that he is not doing so nd even he is doing favour leaving his space ...Readmore

Kishore, Ananthapur
General Power of Attorney by NRI
Power of Attorneys for NRIs

Power of attorney of house?

My house is on name of my grandmother. There are no any nominee or will or power of attorney of house. There is only dastaveg of house which is on name of my grandmother. But she is no alive. What is the prosidure to make that property on name of my ...Readmore