You may be ready mentally and financially for buying a property, but paperwork is unarguably most important part of sealing any deal. After all, only a firm paperwork will ensure your legal hold on the property.

Property registration in India is governed by section 17 of registration act, 1908; this act is applicable to whole of India except the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It refers to registering the changes in ownership and transactions related to the land/ immovable property. To guarantee yourself a legal title of land/immovable property you just purchased, you must register it with the concerned authority.
Registering your property has following benefits:-

    It helps in setting disputes easily; if any arises about ownership of that property in any later stage.
    The risk of fraud is greatly reduced.
    The public record remains up-to-date which helps Govt. in conducting censuses, surveys and maintenance of any other useful public database.

The property registration in India is no more an extremely tough and tiring process which it used to be. Now with the computerized property registration system, the whole process is very easy. Computerized system has many benefits like removal of the middleman and transparent valuation. But computerization has not completely replaced the manual paperwork; you can only pay initial duties with the help of the computer; further submissions have to be done in the office of Registrar/sub-registrar or to SDM in some states. Form can either be downloaded from the website of department or can be obtained in the hard copy from the office.

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  Procure Revenue Documents ( Certified copy of registered documents )
  Procure Revenue Documents ( Encumbrance Certificate )
  Procure Revenue Documents ( Khata Transfer )
  Procure Revenue Documents ( Khata Extract )
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  Power of Attorneys ( Drafting General Power of Attorney )
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  Procure Specific Property Document(s) ( Certified copy of revenue document )
  Procure Specific Property Document(s) ( Certified copy of registered GPA/SPA )
  Procure Specific Property Document(s) ( Encumbrance Certificate )
  Procure Specific Property Document(s) ( Certified copy of registered documents )
  Procure Specific Property Document(s) ( Khata / Khata Extract )
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  Landlord Tenant Disputes ( Landlord Tenant Disputes )
  Property Disputes ( Illegal Sale of Land And Property )
  Property Disputes ( Illegal Transfer of Land And Property )
  Property Disputes ( Illegal occupation of Land and Property )

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