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Legal Opinion Safeguards the buyer's interest

Though a legal opinion / title certification comes at a cost, it is always beneficial at the time of buying a property. Legal opinion helps you to decide whether or not to make the said property investment. Our competent lawyers can provide you with the best of paperwork details and save you from future hardships if any pertaining to the property investment. Further, a buyer would be unaware of minute litigations, owing to which could solve the problems.

Assists in the documentation of the property paperwork

We ensure clean property paperwork starting from scratch until the transaction is finalized. Our lawyer (internal/external) ensure important property documents such as the Sale Deed, Mother Deed, Encumbrance Certificate,Conversion documents, Khatha Certificates, relevant approvals including layout or building plan, Tax paid receipts etc., are flawless and are up-to-date. If required, we check the authenticity of the property documents / title by visiting the registrar's office or advice you to the same on your own. In certain cases, we advise you to advertise, in a regional and a national newspaper about your intent to purchase the property in order to avoid any third party claims or property litigation in future. Also, getting a Conveyance (Sale) Deed vetted by our lawyer will determine whether the land on which the property is situated belongs to a developer / builder or a society and the recitals (terms & conditions) are up to date.

Paperwork vetting by the lawyer

    Enlightens the buyer about the property history / third party interfering (if any)
    Acquires complete details of the original owner and previous owners
    Checks for the rights of easements involved and the minor's rights (if any)
    Checks for the Encumbrances (if any)
    Current property status / encroachments on the property
    Checks for the property revenue records such as Patta / Khata / Tax records
    Checks for property disputes / court involvements / pathways disputes / violations

Complete transparency in property buying

Our Lawyers peruse all the property documents and cross checks them to maintain transparency in the deal. We also ensure that the property buying agreement is not one-sided, i.e. in favour of the seller, and keep the buyer's interests in mind.

It is important that a buyer gets the original deed examined by a lawyer to ensure if the seller has given any access to a third party on the property. Our lawyers also check if the seller has any suppressed facts about the property or his ownership.

Ensures all approvals are in place

Since a large number of home buyers are bound to be unaware if a property has all the civic approvals, a property lawyer will help him in checking if approvals from the municipal bodies such as building plan approvals, floor plan approvals, NOC from the civic authority, structural safety certificate, environment clearances and others are in place. Right from the commencement of the project to its completion, a property needs all the approvals from the municipal bodies. Non-compliance of the rules of the approving authorities will result in the project being stalled or reduction in market value. Not just this, a project should also have approvals from the fire department, electricity board, state traffic authority, water board and others.

Legal assistance buying a joint/old property

Our property lawyers peruse all the documents and explain the procedures of the joint ownership. We further scrutinize the joint development agreement and the terms of the property development and ensure the buyer obtains an NOC from all the owners. We further investigate whether the land is under acquisition for future use by the government.

In cases where the property has been funded by a bank, the bank lawyer also draws out a legal opinion. Even the seller may push you into closing the deal using the said legal opinion. Such legal opinions are typically drawn keeping the bank's interest in mind. Since it is your money at stake we suggest you get an independent and unbiased legal opinion.

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